Student Takeover!!

It's not over yet! We produced GIRLS WHO ROCK concert on June 10th 2011 during Internet Week New York where we doubled last year's proceeds and now we are taking over this project where our goal is to raise $5,000 online to sponsor 42 girls in Uganda! Can you helps us?

With your support, girls at the Arlington Academy of Hope can be first in their families to graduate high school -- a milestone less than 20% of girls in Uganda reach. We are taking over this page because we are high school students ourselves, and we want girls in Uganda to have the same opportunity that we do.

Aijia, Cordilia and Teri, GIRLS WHO ROCK, student-volunteers
(that's us in the video above!)

About Arlington Academy of Hope

In Uganda, only 23 percent of school girls will make the jump from primary school to secondary. That means that out of a classroom of 35, only 8 girls will enter high school -- so when John and Joyce Wanda, an American couple, wanted to make a difference in their home country, they knew exactly which area to target. The couple formed Arlington Academy of Hope (AAH), a not-for-profit organization to help children in rural Uganda to reach their full potential, and we're thrilled to say @AAHUganda will be our beneficiary.

The primary school, where it costs $360 to sponsor a girl for one year, has 340 students from grades 1 through 7, the customary seven-year elementary school program in Uganda. AAH fights to raise the number of girls in secondary education by sponsoring them throughout high school at boarding schools throughout Uganda for $1,000 per
year -- while also funding farming projects, medical clinics, and some of the educational needs of the surrounding communities.

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Photos of Asha and Peninah, students at the Arlington Academy of Hope in Uganda.



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